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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
There is nothing special in the Zone names, hell, you could even say this although it's probably not the wisest move:

   DrillDownButton GoSubZone "VST: ReaComp (Cockos)" Home
The parameter "VST: ReaComp (Cockos)" is the simply name of the parent Zone that you are registering this Zone with.

So the line above says Activate Home, just like usual.

The addition is the fact that when "VST: ReaComp (Cockos)" is Deactivated, Home also gets Deactivated

It's really just a tag that says "I belong to this group, so when my parent Deactivates, so should I".
Ah, ok I see this now Just my usual confusion separating commands: "GoSubZone" from names: "ReaCompSubZone, DrillDownButton"
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