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Originally Posted by Blankfiles View Post
Nice work Never ! Beauty and originality ��
Thanks so much! It very flattering coming from you, you and WT and Pyer and some of the others here like Lucas
are the guys that inspired me to start theming and with every theme you make, although it seems impossible for
you to get better, I see you progressing and making themes that consistently get
more and more amazing, and those themes inspire me to do better and get to the
point some day where maybe I can make things that amaze. Those themes like
your new ILogic and the Imperials And AlbertXXX's newest PT Gold and Pyer's new API v5
are the themes that I keep in mind when I have been sitting at the computer
for hours, having spent the whole evening WALTERing and Photoshopping and Knobmanning.


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