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Originally Posted by sl23 View Post
That's a mighty nice theme you have made there. Not too 3d but a little is ok in my book. With nice clear buttons that 'illuminate' when active! I like it very much.

I like things minimalistic. Plain not boring. Uncluttered and easy to see what's active without looking garish. Compact but readable. Can't wait to try it out!
Thank you. Will look forward to your thoughts on updates. Yes, I meant 2d not
3d..I guess....maybe moment. I guess it is somewhat 3d...
just the highlights and shadows, lighting, etc. I am not an artist and do
not have any training in that respect, so I hope if I do something hideous and
out of keeping with the physics or style, people will call me on it.
I hope others will like it, I know the majority of folks here enjoy the flat themes.
Also my graphical skills are not amazing. I will never compete with the White Ties
and Blankfiles and Jrengs, however, I am inspired by their work and my hope
is to build my skills in graphic design and theming in general,
so that maybe eventually I can make something amazing.

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