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Originally Posted by tonfunk View Post
Hi osxmidi,

the registry should be ok now. I will keep the v9.3 plugins though as they do not have any issues besides vitamin and vcomp. Testing the v9.92 install would remove v9.3 from the install.

Regarding the license location, Waves Central did not gave me any other option. Is there a way to find out what my license location is?

Note: I can use the plugins without the USB drive attached that was needed for the license transfer, so I do not assume they are on the USB drive.

Thanks for confirming the source for the dll.

I added the 64bit version of the dll to system32 and to the winecfg library, no change, same error.

Btw, the other dll overrides (mfc42.dll and mfc42u.dll) are 32bit and added to syswow64.

I don't know much about the Waves licenses and I have only used the demo licenses.

Did you manage to install a Waves license via usb using Wine?, because some have had trouble doing that.

A possible reason for the Waveshell to not load a plugin is that a dll override is possibly missing but it could be due to other reasons as well.
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