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Originally Posted by tonfunk View Post
Hi osxmidi, all,

first I would like to thank you for the hard work and the code you have contributed to make the transition to a linux based DAW easier.

I would like to share the status of my setup and workarounds for obstacles I experienced while getting Waves Platinum v9 to work. My system & settings looks as follows:

# Ubuntu Mate 18.04
# Reaper v5.96 (native)
# LinVst-2.32-Debian-Stretch
# Wine Staging 3.18
# WineWinVersion Win7 (64bit)
# robocopy.exe from rktools.exe
# lib: mfc42 (native, bulletin)
# lib: mfc42u (native, bulletin)

Waves Central (v9.92) installed without problems with the setup listed above and with a USB drive connected to the machine.

Note: the hostname of my linux machine is shown as my local license location in Waves Central, not 'drive_c'.

I was not able to install the plugins from the offline installer as the installation terminated with the following message: 'Sorry, an error has occured during installation - preparing.'

Note: Both dll files I used for mfc42 and mfc42u were downloaded from the web as winetricks did only offer mfc42, but lacking mfc42u. I doubt that this is the recommended option and might have chosen an unsuitable version for my needs.

My next step was to install v9.3 in addition. Even though I get the below listed error when starting Waves License Center v9.3, most individual plugin licenses previously installed are listed in the tool. Only 'Vitamin' is missing in the list.
('A connection error has occured. Please check your internet connection and try again...')

After following the steps from the LinVst quick start guide and rescanning the vst folder in reaper i was able to successfully test most plugins from Platinum v9.3, except aforementioned Vitamin (Error during folder scan: Waves License Error (Waves License Center)) and V-Comp (Error once V-Comp is selected as FX in reaper: LinVst Error Error getting instace WaveShell-VST9.3_x64.dll)

Overall this is a fairly good status that I can work with, even though I would love to use the latest versions (v9.92) and V-comp. In case you have any suggestions on how to get the last 5% up and running, please let me know.


Wine has missing bits (that are in Windows) that Waves Central requires, robocopy and some reg entries and some overrides.

The way to test if robocopy is working is to add the mfc42u.dll and mfc42.dll 32 bit overrides in /windows/syswow64 and then run "wine robocopy" from a terminal and look at the terminal output to see if it ran ok.

The reg entries need to be added so that Waves Central knows about some paths.

Once it's setup it should be ok.

I think that Waves Central (and robocopy) is a 32 bit app and it generally needs 32 bit overrides in /windows/syswow64.

The Waves plugins that Waves Central installs can be 32bit or 64bit and the 64bit plugins generally have their overrides in windows/system32 and the 32bit Waves plugins generally have their overrides in /windows/syswow64

Some Waves plugins need some overrides otherwise they won't load, a mfc140.dll override and maybe others (for 64 bit plugins copy mfc140.dll to windows/system32 and add mfc140 into the Libraries section of winecfg).

The way to tell if a plugin might need some overrides is to run Reaper from the terminal and load the plugin and look at the terminal output for any Wine errors relating to missing dll's.

Waves V10 requires another step as well so that it can find the plugin paths.

That's what I generally do to set it all up, maybe there are other ways but that's what I stick to because if it works then don't alter it.

There is copy protection and shell plugins going on and all run under Wine and so the chances of things not working are pretty high unless the setup steps are ok.

Maybe some distros (and their wine binaries) are more compatible than others, I don't know because I've only tested Waves with Debian and Ubuntu.


Waves Central requires Wine Staging 2.x/3.x and also requires robocopy.exe to be installed (Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools) and robocopy also needs a mfc42u.dll 32 bit override and a mfc42.dll 32 bit override to be placed in /windows/syswow64 and added to the winecfg Libraries tab.

Waves Central seems to require a usb stick to be inserted so that the install/license functions operate and the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools install (robocopy) seems to make a list of available drives at install time, so inserting a usb stick before installing Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools would be a good idea as Waves Central uses robocopy for file transfers and Waves Central checks for usb drives and seems to require a usb stick to be present.

Waves Central also requires some simple registry additions

wine regedit

Add the following environment string variables under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment (New String Value)

COMMONPROGRAMFILES(X86) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

PROGRAMFILES(X86) C:\Program Files (x86)

PUBLIC C:\users\Public

Wine Staging is only needed for Waves Central and the Waves plugins themselves can run with any of the Wine versions, Wine-Stable, Wine-Devel or Wine Staging.

The winbind and libntlm0 and gnutls packages might need to be installed for net access as well.

The file to wrap with is WaveShellxxxxxxxx.dll which is probably in Program Files/VstPlugIns for 64 bit systems.

The Waves plugins probably require a mfc140.dll override (for 64 bit plugins copy mfc140.dll to windows/system32 and add mfc140 into the Libraries section of winecfg).

For V10 needs to go into ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/VSTPlugIns and then moved to the waveshell name mv "WaveShell1-VST"

(If a dialog doesn't appear then WaveShell1-VST needs to be deleted from ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/VSTPlugIns and text files need to be deleted rm *.txt in ~/.wine/drive_c/users/"LinuxUserName"/Application Data/Waves Audio/Preferences and then do the above).

Then set the DAW to scan ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/VSTPlugIns and then scan, and a select folder dialog will appear.

Descend into the path by double clicking on (C drive) and then double clicking on Program Files (x86) and then double clicking on Waves and then just highlight Plug-Ins V10 with a single click (don't descend into it) and then finish by clicking on open.

The DAW scan should then pick up the Waves plugins.

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