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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
Need Wine Staging 3.15 or above.

Need to install robocopy and add a few reg entries (details in the LinVst github readme).

Put a usb stick in and run winecfg and have a look at the drives tab and see if the usb shows up as a windows drive letter.

Waves Central seems to need a usb stick before it will activate licences and the usb stick has to be working with Wine and maybe not all distros are the same when it comes to Wine and usb.

Make sure the usb stick is working with Wine and insert the usb stick before starting Waves Central.

Transferring licenses from usb sticks is probably not going to work because of Wines limitations in that area but transferring licenses to drive_c from the cloud (and vice versa) should work and maybe an actual usb (hard) drive might work (not a usb flash or stick).
Yep, I'm on 3.17 now, and I have a script to do all the required steps that have been noted before and elsewhere. It's either the USB or network issue that's stopping it. winecfg by default lists the USB as a drive-letter as well as a few other mountpoints that I have. Even after a fresh reboot, then plugging the drive in, and then setting up the wineprefix from scratch, I still get the "No Connected Devices" message so I cannot even manage licenses to/from drive_c
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