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Woah!! text of help I will try my best to do this and on Debian if Wine likes me better there.
Also, I thhhink every Youtube i've seen, they have used the 32bit Ableton, maby Wine & stuff have problems with 64bit?

And PlayOnLinux have support up to Live9 and I tried back then eavsedrop on its config what dependency it requires.
Using PlayOnLinux with Live 10 to install will give so many POL errors I lost count, I used that only as a way of getting Wine versions "easy".. la-lalah--..

Yeah well I am into the thump-hat-thump-hat thing etc and Live gave me an 25% off offer and my head melted I can't say it is poop though, sorry but it is not and Sampler/Simpler is more mature and the warping feature works good enough for me.

That said..
I can compensate though to say I have dreams of Bitwig as I seem to just produce best/quickest there, vvvery easy matter of fact and I don't even master the thing yet and, Bitwig have now added love to their sampler and also improved their time stretching along with Elastique Pro & Co so.. what excuse I really have now?
I will get Bitwig fear not!!
And beeing a REAPER user, I am so spoiled with updates, need I say more. (internl JK)

Hey! thank you man!
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