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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Maybe a different message displayed on timeout would be useful?

Where in the code can I change the 20s timeout?
The error can be because lin-vst-server doesn't exist (not installed so it times out) or maybe some other system problem timeout, maybe I'll add a possible timeout message to it.

If someone has 10 vst's and forgets to install lin-vst-server then if the timout is 1 minute then that's a 10 minute total timeout, so that's why 20 seconds seemed like a compromise and plugins that can take a long time to load like MT-PowerDrums (because they load their samples) seemed to be ok even with old slow hard disks, but maybe the timeout should be increased if some people are having trouble with whatever plugins disregarding wine's initial library load time when wine is first used after system startup (which can be got around by running winecfg for slower hard disks) but wine on a newer hard disk should initially load pretty fast when wine is first used after system startup.

In remotepluginclient.cpp around line 787 in the void RemotePluginClient::syncStartup() function

Change the 2000 to 3000 and that would be (approx) 30 seconds, 6000 would be (approx) 1 minute.

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