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While for myself it's no problem at all to do the files in hex format, I suppose less technical users might have a really hard tome, if the documentation and the software that comes with their Midi Controller just mentioned Midi message names and does not talk about any hex notation.

Hence it would be "nice" if instead of the three hex values that denote a messge you also could give the standard Midi notation in the files:

e.g (maybe rather newbie friendly):
B3 45 78 -> CC69(3)=120 (Meaning CC # 69 on channel 3 value 120)

or (shorter, I use something like this in the "Midi CC Table" JSFX):

Here a single expression between white spaces containing a "(" would trigger the Midi notation decoding.

Similarly you could do
ONA7(3)=10 (Note on A7, channel 3 velocity 10)
OF#B-2(3) (Zero is assumed if the third value is not given)
PS(3)=100 (Not sure what to do about the high 7 bits)
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