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Originally Posted by kytdkut View Post
I've always had this issue with the embedded version of linvst. It happens with Voxengo's, ValhallaDSP's, Surreal Machine's Diffuse (this one also has a problem when dragging knobs, mouse goes crazy), Xpand!2, and some other VST I'm unable to recall now. In standalone window version all plugin windows works as intended. Airwave did not have this issue but any attempt to resize a window would crash Airwave and host. It was a pain
It's to do with Wine's embedding.

Airwave uses XEMBED which has issues with Wine, and sometimes the gui won't appear or it has issues and possible instability issues as well.

The Airwave dev told the Wine devs about it ages ago and nothing has been done about it

Because XEMBED is broken for Wine, LinVst doesn't use it, so some of the mouse problems etc might be due to that.

The Wine devs need to rework some of their embedding stuff imo, but they have a lot to do, they might get around to it at some stage.

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