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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
@osxmidi: A question, my realtime patch has been sitting on the temp branch for over 2 months now. I take it you are not interested, or found some problem with it?
We talked about it before.

I'm keeping them there because they are interesting and I might use them in the future.

I can't use them at the moment because the balance breaks and high priority threads still dominate other threads in an unbalanced way with your patches because of parent/child thread priorities still being unbalanced, so all the threads (6 of them btw) need to be at the same fifo priority to maintain balance and the way that that is done is by setting the fifo priority before the fork and then the parent and child are at the same fifo priority and the thread balance is maintained and it's also realtime.

I also had to rework the internals to cater for Reaper's automation and the fifo priority needs to be balanced for that as well.

House of cards.

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