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Originally Posted by mainframe View Post
With LinVst ValhallaPlate seems to work without issues. The Tokyo Dawn Labs free plugs work and the paid ones also work but the importing of the license file makes reaper crash. After the crash they are validated though. The resizing of the TDL plugins is a bit wonky and the menus all appear in the wrong place (top of the screen) but the audio seems fine. They are not super stable but workable.
I had a look at the free and discontinued Tokyo Dawn Labs plugs.

They use d2d1.dll and gdiplus.dll and dwrite.dll

Wine's d2d1 can be problematic and I disable it in the winecfg Libraries tab.

Wine's gdiplus can also be problematic (it crashed Line 6 Helix Native).

gdiplus can be overridden, winetricks gdiplus

The dll's that each plugin uses might vary, but if they use d2d1.dll or gdiplus.dll then there might be some problems with Wine's inbuilt versions.
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