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Originally Posted by svoufff View Post
I got something working finally.
Sample Modeling The Trumpet 3 is packaged with Kontakt Player 5.4.2 which works perfectly with Linvst.This KP version is not so old and does rely on Service Center, which also works out of the box on Wine 2.15.
No more NA crap !

Art Vista Back Beat Bass working on this KPlayer version too.

I setup a quick band in Reaper with 1 trumpet + 2 sax + pianoteq + Back Beat Bass and this seems very solid.Amazingly low DSP load when tracks are not armed, 4 to 5% reported by jack cpu load, that's a little strange...
Also when a track is not armed, playing the VSTi assigned to it from its own interface virtual keyboard with the mouse gives a significant latency before sound is produced.I don't know if it's expected behaviour.
This is probably the result of prefs->anticipative FX processing, try disabling that. The dsp load will probably go up though..
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