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Originally Posted by citizenkeith View Post
Thank you, I'll try that soon!
There was some GUI flashing when I tried it on my ancient video system.

Seems like a fair few vst's are using the d2d1.dll and Wine's d2d1 may not be totally finished but they do keep working on it.

I havn't had much success overriding d2d1 with real windows d2d1 dll's either, so disabling d2d1 (at least on my video hardware) seems to be about the only solution at the moment.

While I'm talking about dll's, in general some common dll overrides that some vst's need are the Visual C++ Redistributable dlls and especially msvcr120.dll and msvcr140.dll etc

Line 6 Helix Native needed a gdiplus.dll override so something seems to have been missing from Wines gdiplus in that case.

Wininet (used for the net) is another that gets updated sometimes in new versions of Wine, but sometimes that needs to be overridden and there are 3 dll's needed with the wininet override that I sometimes use, wininet.dll and iertutil.dll and nsi.dll

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