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I've got Line 6 Helix Native to run.

It needs msvcr120 and gdiplus overrides.

The registration can be dicey, so it might take more than one try, and that even happens on Windows as well according to some forum posts

I had to copy and paste my username and password into the reg window and then I had to do some gymnastics and it eventually worked after I copied and pasted my username (not email address) and my password after I reset my password to 6 letters/digits (it seemed to have trouble with my longer password), go figure.

I used winetricks gdiplus and winetricks vcrun2013 but it wouldn't work until I cleared the winecfg Library override entries out (whatever winetricks had done) and then manually entered the msvcr120 and gdiplus overrides.

I'm using wine-staging 2.14 btw.

Tested some helix presets from

Loading/Saving/Editing presets work, drag and drop doesn't work.

Pretty easy to get 5.3 ms latency at 48000Hz on an old dual core with built in sound that's nearly a decade old.

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