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Originally Posted by nosucherror View Post
I've been using LinVSt from 27th August (do they have version numbers?) and with Melda 11.04 plug-ins the knobs and sliders don't immediately respond, they jump to their maximum value. If you go into Settings/GUI & Style and toggle Sliders it settles down and works fine.
I've set GPU acceleration off. I'm on Wine 64 2.15, Ubuntu Studio 17.10 on a Lenovo laptop with an Intel graphics card.
I can't seem to install the 11 version.

I think the 11 installer uses opengl and my opengl is ancient.

I can only install the 10 version.

The last time I used it I disabled GUI acceleration.


I disabled GPU acceleration

I set the Frames per second to 60

I disabled high DPI support and colorization and gradients

I then tried the Dazed Delay and it all seemed ok.

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