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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
Drag Drop/Wine/vst's/daw's

The standalone window LinVst version is programmed to accept drag and drop when a file is dropped on the LinVst window.

The embedded window LinVst version is not programmed to accept drag and drop because it didn't seem to work due to the limitations of Wine's embedding routine.

Dragging from the vst to the daw (MT PowerDrumKit etc) didn't work for the LinVst standalone window version and the LinVst embedded version probably due to Wine limitations.
I've been playing with Adam Monroe Beats 64 bit vst with LinVst. As expected, the drag and drop of midi from the plugin to native Linux REAPER doesn't work, but otherwise it works really well. And its midi loops are accessible midi files in a folder and that can be browsed and previewed through REAPER's media browser and dragged to tracks - so basically the same functionality, if not as convenient as from the plugin itself. A really nice drum plugin (a step up from MT PowerDrumKit, but not quite on the level of Addictive Drums or EZDrummer), for a very reasonable price.

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