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Originally Posted by not-relevant View Post

Can any one advise me:
- Should my sidechain send from the vocal track to the instrument buss's F6 come before or after the F6 applied to the vocal?
- Should the bands in the F6 on the instrument mix be keyed to the whole sidechain signal? or to the filtered signal? I understand the difference but, in this case, do I want to duck the vocal frequences in the instruments mix based on vocal signal falling within those bands only, or for vocal signal across the spectrum?
- I'm guessing I want mid/side mode, and to only compress mid?
- Would there be a benefit to treating instruments individually, rather than trying to duck the whole instrument mix at once?
- The instrument mix has a couple of quite heavily processed guitars, keys, and delay + reverb. I'm assuming this broad frequency stuff is the main thing competing with the vocal. Drums + bass are on separate busses, and I'm not attempting to duck them. Should I consider applying simlar processing to the drums + bass as well?

to answer your specific questions, I would key the entire vocal frequency to the instrument dynEQ....if you are intent on doing that instead of addressing the individual tracks.

Yes the guitars and keys are going to take up huge portions of the spectrum. You'll have to just make some decisions on what is more important and when and EQ/duck accordingly. Without actually hearing what you're up against, who knows what specifically...
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