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I deal with this most often with music exported as a stereo file "beat" and will record vocals over that. Often the beat is limited and there's not a lot of room, so sometimes I can get way with ducking specific frequencies from the beat track keyed to the vocal (whether vocal buss, or main vocal, easy to try different sources).

But, sometimes that isn't enough. The way the beat is mixed, there's just no room....and I WISH I could just go into individual tracks to make room (which I can't). So on the one hand, I would say go into your individual tracks and make room....duh!

Ok, in lieu of all that, I think what also needs to be considered is where the vocal CAN fit. Instead of moving the music away for the vocals, why not move the vocals to where the music allows? Sometimes music is too bright, so make the vocals more dark. Or vice versa.
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