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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
again super nice
...and, wondering a couple things:

no separators? I ask cuz I tend to use them a lot

also... love the idea of the mcp compacted to a meter bridge... and then wondering if it might be possible to vol and pan as small knobs just below the meters when it is compacted?

sorry but just had to ask...
Thanks again, Hopi.
Are the Separator layouts not showing up?
There should be a Separator and Separator Wide layout for the MCP.
Or did you mean the TCP? I left those out because I was unsure how I wanted to implement them.
I'll look at TCP Separators for the next update, don't know when that will be, though.

I thought about doing a big Meter layout with just a volume knob at the bottom, but I'm trying to keep the MCP layout list as low as possible.
Also, it's unnecessary. You can access the volume and Pan through the IO button.

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