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Originally Posted by fealow View Post
"They need some pressence though imo to come a bit more in front" Are you referring to the vocal or the vocal reverb there?
Given that he also said:
Originally Posted by igorpan View Post
I hear reverb on vocals, but I think you got just the right amount.
I guess igorpan thinks that the vocal itself should come up, and I would concur. It might be necessary to dial the reverb down a little at that point, and it might keep your client happy if you take jerome_oneil's advice:
Originally Posted by jerome_oneil View Post
I'm saying that if you can discern it as an effect, it's probably too much.
I don't think that's at all true here, but it is a good rule of thumb (well, for noobs, anyway), and your client does seem to hate reverb....

I'd usually advocate leaving it completely dry for one mix just so that the client can see the error of his ways, but I think that would be a huge gamble here. The bugger might actually like it.
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