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Originally Posted by Fex View Post
Well, I do believe that what we have here is a failure to communicate....

There are clearly valid criticisms which can be made about the original draft. The client's actual stated objections, however, are complete bollocks IMO.

The client has clearly gone for a vibe known around here as "extreme cheese". You could probably use music like this to force Jason Brian Merrill to confess to every murder ever committed, but I kinda like it. The client might prefer the Super Morrisey Bros version of This Charming Man to the original, and he'd be dead wrong; he might also prefer a low-fi version of the work in hand, and he'd have a point. He might come to increasingly dislike the mix the more polished it becomes. A compromise might be possible....

However, all of this is academic at the moment. The client hasn't even really heard the mix until the client has heard the mix with vocals, on a variety of different systems, including at least one good one. And neither had you.

The client's original mix is crap, by the way.
I like the way you put it haha. I did over kill it a bit first time round with FX and my subwoofer level had been tampered with (significantly) prior to my knowledge so my mix may not have been sonically pleasing. But I felt the actual relationships between the instruments worked better.

I'm just waiting to hear back from the guy now as to what he thinks of the new instrumental.
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