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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
It's worth mentioning that Pro tools doesn't have pixel-continuous vertical track zoom. Instead the available track heights are based around the specific slot "layouts" pictured in the posts above at small track heights.
Just mentioning since this has a bearing on how it works. Trading size flexibility for visual uniformity.

Pro Tools has a splendid solution for that interface topic.
Especially that compact version is impressive (A compressor plugin like "The Glue" gets a single C for compressor? - wonderful! Give me an E for my equalizer Pultec XYZ please

I don't see an argument for that size flexibility in Reaper.

With a quantized vertical scales you will get a chance to get a feeling of the values of loudness of your material. Not so when every track is or can be different.

Also related is that FR:
Align vertical scrolling to top of TCPs
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