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I guess I've stumbled on a situation where the MIDI connection and USB are not six of one, half-dozen of the other. I have a little netbook computer that sits in my music room just to run Reaper. I use it for recording one track at a time and for monitoring the first track while I record the second, that sort of thing. Works fine.

Anyway, I wasn't particularly surprised when it didn't handle the MIDI keyboard and running a piano or bass VSTi. As soon as I played a whole bunch of notes quickly it fell behind and crackled. I put a second GB of memory in it and removed a bunch of bloatware but it still couldn't keep up.

So today I tried plugging a DIN cable between the keyboard and my E-MU 0404 USB interface. So now both audio from the microphone and MIDI data from the keyboard come in on the single USB 2.0 connection from E-MU to the netbook instead of having two USB cable plugged in.

Voila! Works a charm. I can play a MIDI piano accompaniment while monitor a recorded audio stream or vice versa with no problem. I guess each USB connection entails some extra time-critical demand on the wee processor in the netbook. Or maybe it's just random. But now I have a $175 netbook that does everything I need both audio-wise and MIDI-wise.

P.S. Although I will say that Atom CPU makes for some sloooooow rendering.
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