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Default effects list on TCP

would be cool if there were a button that exposed a list of the track fx on a certain track, for easy access to them, undocked of course, and also to turn them on an off. Samplitude does it like this:

For REAPER, we have the fx chain window seperate, which is cool too, and this is what it looks like:

if there was a button to the left, like a maximize button or something similar, it could reveal something like this:

of course, this would be totally transparent for those that dont want it. If you used this way of fxchains, you would just have to right click on an effect, and there it shows up, undocked, wherever you like. If you wish to have more than one open at a time you can, but there could be an option so that more than one doesnt show up at a time.

either way, totally transparent for those that like to do it the normal way. I just find this way a bit more intuitive.
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