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O.K. Let`s start again.

First, can you take a copy of the line in your options/preferences/plugins/vst plugin location window & post it here.

Once we know where you have told reaper to install your plugins, we can hopefully make some progress.

Also, can you answer the question in my first post: Is it all or just some of your plugins that are disappearing?
If it is just some, which ones are they?

Also, its worth mentioning that Reaper doesnt uninstall your plugins, it just loses thrack of where they are. To get them back, all you need to do is check your locations as outlined above and do the clear/re-scan. PLEASA don`t skip answering the questions above and just repeating the clear/re-scan as that is unlikely to fix this one.

Hopefully we can figure out what is going wrong.
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