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Default yeah, gotta move the thread


A+ on your insight and suggestions.

This thread is misplaced and came from my reaction to this forum, its members, Reaper and its creators. The whole thing blows my mind continually. The ancient heathens said that all things are moving forward in the bigger picture, and this is evolution. When forward forces speed up to un-natural levels, this is revolution.

The movement and cooperative energy you guys have created here is revolution. Something is happening here that doesn't exist in other audio forums.

I was and still am in the constant take mode. My system, workflow, creative tools, psychological approach have been major altered by the stream of knowledge and advice from the experts hanging out here. Can’t keep up with the progress of the program and add-ons offered by the programmers. Look what you are all doing with the themes and icons. This is all I could think of to give back that could be of significant value, at least to the string players out there.

I had the job to play guitar 10 hours a day with concrete calluses on the fingers, progressed thru sweat and tears, and touched on the rim of mediocrity. Part of earning generic, mediocre studio session dude status is having to switch modes on the fly to mimic the sounds and styles of the real guys. Stock guitars never cut it.

I had a fateful night decades ago, high on acid, pot, booze, pwhipped by the girls after the gig, and inadvertently destroyed Rickenbacker serial# 006. As I hallucinated over the rubble of toothpicks and tangled wires, cursed for life for this senseless act, Jehovah had mercy on my despair and gave me an idiot savant understanding of the electric guitar.

Never mastered anything in this life but this came effortlessly in a flash. Each guitar was an independent entity to be reincarnated, phoenix from the ashes sort of thing.

Earache, your right, this needs to be moved to its own place maybe like Dandruff’s nitpicks.

I promised to show how to make the electric sing like the angels, so I should probably continue and the administrators can put this in a place where the info can be retrieved if needed. An additional archive in the knowledge base. You’re right also about multimedia need. Maybe I can get it together to include graphic clips of the components and sound samples of the mods.

Okay then, the axe won’t sing like the angels til the pickups are grounded, or 60 cycle hum will be all that’s competing with the perfect sound. Grounding harnesses are next. For strats and single coil pickups, you will need a smooth cast iron cooking pot that’s been in the freezer for overnite, ziplock bag to refrigerate the pickups (upper shelves of the fridge, not in the freezer with the cast iron pot). Need some simple plumbing supplies, acetone and fine grit sand paper and we’re ready to roll. Will return with the process on this thread, ideally moved somewhere more appropriate.

Peace, love and all that stuff to all,

John K

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