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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Listened on 7506's and the orignal sounds fuller to me, when I compare just the musical parts. I wasn't expecting a cartoon song and (respectfully) I don't really hear amything there that should take hours of work.

Pretty simple sounding song.
Okay that is fair enough, My version is not finished however. I admit the original certainly sounds more boxy or fuller as you say, but I was trying to add some excitement to the overall sound as a draft then make improvements as required.

Mine is certainly a lot more detailed and clearer though.

The thing that took hours was the splicing of the drum track and having to work around clipping on some of the tracks as well as automating levels to make for some smooth compression as the original tracks where rather dynamic.

And there was no snare change, its just comped and has more bite on the top end.
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