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Originally Posted by pattste View Post
One doesn't.

Seriously, was the original mix from the same guy who created the song? It is entirely possible that he hears the song in a certain way and that's really what he wants. When you say that your mix is better, it is better based on your appreciation of it. Mixing is an art. People will have different opinions, it is not an exact science.

He could have been a little nicer in his reply, however. Sometimes an open mind (or a little white lie) goes a long way. "Thanks, fealow. Your mix sounds very different. It imparts a totally different character to the song. It certainly gives me ideas. I appreciate your effort."
Actually he did have part in composing it and the original mix... Down to prosperity it is then I guess haha.

I tried to change very little of how the song mood (I personally love the song so I wouldn't want to change it too much anyway), I just spent hours making making everything sound better and glue it all in place.
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