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Originally Posted by Solar View Post
Thanx a lot Darkstar for the great job and taking your time to show us these steps.
Although i don't know about you guys but i think it's way too much of steps just to get a vsti load up, ouputs opened and assigned and midi inputs assigned with no headaches. Honestly, maybe it's just me and i'm not saying that Reaper ain't good but all these steps to get a everything that in many other daws out there achieve in i would say 3 steps.. for me i just don't get it. When the Devs are they going to make it simple and easy in opening vsti. Especially assigning multi midi inputs channels without having to open tones of windows and make tones of steps before.

And i don't want to start mentioning how easy it is to achieve this in other DAW.

But i'm confident that they will make this happen now that we are in V 3.0, they need to step up the game because there new DAW comers and the bar is raised for sure!!

Thanx again for this thread!!

Solar... IMHO you are both right and not right... meaning that in many other DAW's it will do it for you but ONLY in the way it does it. Reaper on the other hand, offers an amazing degree of flexibility in setting these up to your needs and taste and, once done as you like, the ability to save as a template. There is always a 'price to pay' for more freedom but I'm ok with that in reaper.

It does take some learning to deal with the routing possibilites but to me it's been well worth it.

With that said, I can imagine a more automatic way for reaper to handle mulit-out vsti's. I don't know if it is possible but, what if:

Let me first add that I really like the way of putting each midi track into a folder with it's corresponding audio track.. Jonny G. shows this in his Kontakt tutorial...

So, what if... when you drag a vsti onto an empty tcp track, reaper begins a dialog that asks a series of questions:

1- How many midi rec. traks do you want routed to this vsti?
2- How many audio output traks do you want?
....then with these following options....
3- Would you like all the midi rec tracks in a folder... and
4- All the audio output in a diff folder


5- Would you like each midi rec trak and it's audio output to be it's own folder combo?


6- Which traks do you want to be visible in the TCP and which tracks do you want to be visible in the MCP? answer the questions [you know, check boxes] and let 'er rip!
...should be fixed for the next build...
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