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Default DPCs, ISRs, Latency, DPCLat and RATTv3


This has proven useful:

in tracking down problematic services, et al. You may want to take a look!

I've found it more useful (and more 'accurate'!?) than "DPCLat.exe" by TheSyCon in identifying dodgy routines/drivers and less-intensive (in terms of its 'learning curve') than "RATT".

There are 3 Tabs: a "Latency" overview, an "Activity" tab (the useful one, with all the ISR/DPC detail) and one with some perfunctory info about "Drivers".

From a purely personal perspective, I have stopped all networking hardware and all related services, but have a major problem with TCPIP.sys interrupting my music with glitches through copious DPCs (as well as moderate - but presumably necessary - nonsense from ACPI.sys too) on my Acer 7720G (3GB, Vista, fully-patched).

Anyone have any ideas on why TCPIP.sys is such a problem and/or whether I can disable it entirely (probably through SysInternals' "AutoRuns" app)?

I dual-boot this Vista machine - and am lucky enough to actually have a couple of physical Acronis-managed boot drives in it (rather than multiple Windows partitions on a single physical drive) - but, if necessary, I don't mind having no Internet access on the 'Music DAW' drive, if it will cure the nasty and unpredictable audio behaviour on such a well-spec'd laptop.

Whilst I'd like to have the ability for network access from this laptop, when booted as a Music DAW - for s/w updates, maintenance, et al - I'll readily forsake it in order to make some half-decent music!!!

So, what to do ...?

All reasonable help welcomed.


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