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Originally Posted by SiKo View Post
How to Rewire Reason to Reaper (Rrrrrr!)

************************************************** ***********************
Updated track template: Reason v0.5.RTrackTemplate and introducing Reason Rack 2.rns
Gives 32 midi channels to Reason: 16 via ReWire, 16 via soft MIDI cable (e.g. LoopBe1, freeware).
Tested and Created on Reaper 3.161 x64 bit version, should work in Reaper x86 and with soft MIDI cables like MidiYoke and Maplemidi

Found here:
and here:

Be sure to read the instructions below!!

************************************************** ***********************

This is a new version of the track template for Reaper to ReWire Reason as a slave.
Coming from Reason, the previous version had separate tracks for midi and audio.
This version however, is in style with Reaper philosophy: Audio and Midi on the same track!

How to set it up?
Project settings
First of all, you need to change the project settings, to enable feedback.
This might sound tricky, but since you probably use Reason as well, you're used to the potential of having nasty feedback loops in your setups.
Without this setting the template will not work!, because the track with the ReWire 'effect' sends audio to an instrument track and receives midi from the same track.
Although that is known as feedback, it's the (good) kind we want in this case.

Track-Template (Reaper) and Rack (Reason)
Next we want to install the track template, so it will be available in Reaper.

Click this link to the track template ( which contains Reason-v0.4.RTrackTemplate)
to download the archive with the template.

Extract the template (Reason-v0.4.RTrackTemplate) to:


(or %appdata%\REAPER64\TrackTemplates, Reaper x64 versions 3.13 and on).

(I would be happy to know how to set this up on a MAC, so if any of you wants instructions for the MAC, I need some help!)

Then we want a Reason rack that plays nicely with this setup, download here:

Reaper Rack.rns

You are free to use your own rack, this is just a rack with 16 combinators in which you can load/set-up whatever instruments/effects you want. Besides that, it playes nicely with the track template!

Save the rack somewhere handy.

How to play Reason from Reaper?
Open Reaper and create a new project (if that's not the default action).

Right click the TCP and chose the track template:

You should see that a couple of tracks are inserted and that Reason is started.

(If Reason does not start, close Reaper, make sure that Reason.exe is not running (with the task-manager) and that ReWire is installed and available in Reaper).

Next is to load the Rack into Reason:

If you have a midi keyboard installed (or using the Virtual Midi keyboard in Reaper), pressing a key should result in a weird sound being heard, as I included a sample synth in combinator 1.

NOTE Before you touch any of the just inserted tracks in Reaper, click 1 to unselect them all.

After inserting:

After selecting the first instrument track

Now it's time to play with your new setup!


* To be able to control and automate the parameters of the combinators in the rack from within Reaper, use the following plugin made available by Futures_Untold:

* Some related threads:
- (currently these plugs are offline, but should come back soon)
Thank you sooo much for this friend. Works beautifully.

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