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It's time for more Reaper themes from Synth.

This time here's a dark theme featuring some deadly radioactive stuff - "Toxic" :

Now here's something completely different: Fun Fun Colors - a nice happy theme,maybe too colorful for most of you

Another interesting theme,based on obscure stuff - DCSequencer

And,finally,for those who love the Lemon-Lime theme here's - Tutti Frutti - a delicious,juicy theme full of fresh fruit,not just sour lemons
Good for mixing some fruity loops

Justin,can you add an option to change the color of the MOVING playback CURSOR,not the position cursor.When creating different themes,especially darker themes like "Toxic",it's very hard to see the gray moving cursor.
Also,can you add outlines to the media items and MIDI notes? Look at this picture I found on the net and see how having outlines on MIDI notes in the piano roll looks great.

The same can be done to the audio (WAV/sample) items to look much better.
A user-changeable color for this outline will make it perfect fit for the various themes.

I would like an option for the tracks to be separated by a thin line between them,instead of two alternating colors for even and odd tracks.With this,I can set the same color for even and odd tracks,but have lines separating them.
Also,I can only re-create certain themes with this feature.
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