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Hi Andy

I'm fine, thank you. And what about yourself?
I'm slowly recovering from my emotions of last month.

About "Messe", I wanted to change some instruments for once and this organ seemed appropriate to me. And I'm quite happy with the result.

I am glad that my lack of virtuosity makes it easier for you to listen to my music.

It is the BBC SO, which I look forward to with such impatience. I will remain loyal to Spitfire who seem to be serious about this. A little expensive for my wallet, but I spend so much time there that the investment is worth it.
I agree with you about the microphones, which seem to be numerous on this library. But you can also set everything to zero and use only the two mix presets. I think the presence of "leader" type microphones is a plus to help better identify in some cases a soloist or other.
Concerning the articulations, the first free VSTs I used were devoid of them, and when you want to be a little realistic, it's just essential.

Speaking of music theory, and maybe it doesn't show too much, I don't know anything about it either. Except a little flute and xylophone around the age of 6/7....
I only use my ears, and a little bit of feeling. And with what you are able to produce, I am sure you would get at least as good results. For 50 or 100 bucks, you can have a single, really clean instrument. Try one and you'll want to go further.

For the LABS, I didn't find the London Atmos very interesting and I wouldn't really know how to integrate this guitar into what I do. London Atmos should be more concerned with you from the point of view of the atmosphere there .

That's enough for today.

Good night to you and @+
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