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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
Can we send the output of one app into the input of another app with WASAPI in the same way macs allegedly do?
I managed to get Reaper record the output of different audio apps simultaneously with "Synchronous Audio Router" ( The app aggregated all 128 i/o channels of my Dante Accelerator card plus those custom in/outs I created for other audio apps. After choosing SAR as Reaper's audio device one has to pick the desired ASIO device that it should rely on (AIC128-D in my case). Then, one can add as many virtual audio end points as desired to cover the ins and outs of one's audio apps. Once created, those become selectable as part of the now extended input and output ranges after Reaper has been restarted.

SAR claims to be able to do this aggregation without adding latency to the main audio device it uses to sync all other app's audio and I have the impression that it actually succeeds in doing so.

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