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Originally Posted by vitalker View Post
Thanks a lot for sharing! I'll use your method for sure! It's super easy and powerful.
you're welcome! great it works for you, too, vitalker.

Basically, I'm actually not saying that this method is better than anything else. I'm pretty familiar with common screen capturing software solutions and I'm actually using some regularly. The batch file method is just so much simpler and doesn't require messing with bigger apps once you have your favourite batch file configured let's say for simple full HD capturing.

I'm now searching for command line parameters to make it capture two separate stereo (= 4 track) audio sources simultaneously without merging them into a single stereo stream to mimic what OBS is doing (like Reaper output on stereo stream 1 and voice commentary on stereo stream 2). ffmpeg should be capable of doing this. It's just not easy to find working command line templates for this and hence, requires some time-consuming research. Anyone having an idea of what commands are needed?

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