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Originally Posted by heda View Post
You can use ShareX to easily define the region. It uses ffmpeg to capture screen to make videos or gifs. You can also set a custom command for ffmpeg in Screen recording options window. You can even have different commands for each keyboard shortcut with different regions predefined.
Thanks for mentioning ShareX, heda. I've tried it a while ago. It actually looked very promising, however, though I'm fairly familiar with programs that offer an overwhelming amount of tweaking options (I'm happily using Reaper !) configuration is a bit overkill for my taste. The software is not really focussed and stripped down to solely handle screen video capturing. It's pretty sad, actually because it's free, portable and open source - three of my favourite features a software can offer. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find an ffmpeg setting with it that produces stutter-free video captures that are lip-sync'ed on my machine while it does work without any glitches when I'm using my batch files that are virtually using the same ffmpeg commands.

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