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Good point.
Great for mapping other stuff too. How many hold-buttons do you want to permit ? 2,3 or even 4 ? I could imagine hitting Right-SHIFT (FP16) + TRACK for two seconds to get to a "pin tracks on left of surface" selection mode.

Escaping from a mode like that could involve just pressing any of those same buttons again. Maybe blink the mode change buttons if possible. 1Hz full on/off cycle.

A function on the the Faderport 16 in Mackie mode pointed me to an idea, the MCU itself probably does this as well in the Reaper MCU csurf. It can exclusively select a single track , whether it was selected or not, by hitting the select button of a track twice in short succession.

So I would suggest adding a function capture for double-button presses as well. I did a few quick tests in a stopwatch app. 0.2 seconds is a short double-press. 0.3-0.4 is already a very relaxed long double-press. I suggest 0.35 as an upper limit if you're considering this function.

Examples of use are plenty. Solo and Mute could clear or switch to exclusive or whatever else. Loads of secondary functions become possible.
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