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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
Is there any place to go to see a basic, cursory understanding of how this is going and what it does in relation to the X32?

What I really want to do (I think) is let the 16 faders on the left bank between ALL of the reaper tracks, and the 8 on the right control folders or busses. Does that sound doable?
I think this is already possible now. Since Reaper doesn't have buss tracks or an real way to separate, you would have to pin the folder tracks to the right side, and save that project as such. Then the unpinned tracks will bank and the pinned tracks will remain. But, if you have more than 8 buss/folder tracks, I'm not sure how that will work.

I might suggest keeping the folder structure as is, and assigning buttons on your mixer or keyboard shortcuts to toggle collapse/uncollapse of all folder tracks, or even selected folder tracks.
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