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Hey y’all,

Sorry for being late and thanks for taking the time to reply.

Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
Great to see you here too Simon!
Unfortunately, I can't be more specific about the spectral issues because my demo expired some time ago and I can't run it any longer. I demoed it pretty much as soon as it came out. I do remember liking some of what it did but I have already sunk more than $1K into Blue Ripple suites and have pretty much everything I need covered in that.
Also, with Daniel's IEM tools and particularly his room encoder, I haven't really looked into DearVR again at this stage. It is good to hear that you are working on the responsiveness though. I usually run my system at very low latencies given that it is a fast rig (i7 7700K) with a good interface (RME Fireface UFX).

Please keep us updated on any developments though. I'd certainly be open to having another look.
I’m glad to hear that you’re still open for dearVR and we will keep this thread updated for our future updates.

Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Hi, Dear Reality
Thank you for your post here.

Fisrt I would like to say that I really like the DearVR plugin. It does what it has to do with plenty of features and output formats (binaural, YouTube360°, etc.).

I will try and reproduce the crash right now...

With the new Reaper 5.91 i couldn't make dearVR to crash Reaper. I tried everything I did before (switching on/off the Reflection toggle) when I managed to crash Reaper and now I couldn't succeed.

I have to say the plugin is stable with Reaper.

For the sake of the experiment, please find the link to a metal style composition (composed and performed by the band Feared with Ola Englund on guitars; stem and DI tracks courtesy of Ola Englund).
I'm happy to hear that, as we couldn’t reproduce the error either. Just enjoying your kickass metal with some great spatialised tom fills!

Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Another thing I have noticed with dearVR is that it seems to support only mono-source signals.
I had to "explode" (separate) a test stereo-file into two mono signals (left and right separately) an then to place an instance of dearVR to each of those new mono-files.

I expected it to react more like the DolbyHeadphone (dolbyhph.dll) in Foobar, which deals with stereo-files correctly and actually quite pleasant to my ears, thus simulating binaural environment.

I hope dearVR can do that at some point in the future with stereo-file sources. Maybe it supports it but I couldn't manage to do and use it.
As RDan stated correctly, we have to make the transformation from a channel-based signal to an object based signal, if we want to experience true 3D Sound.
If you still want to use stereo tracks and convert them to single 3D audio sources using dearVR, you can use the input channel fader in the master section of the dearVR plugin to specify exactly how much of the left and right channel you want to use for that audio source.

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Hi Simon,

I am glad that a representative from Dear Reality has joined this forum!

DearVR's manual does not mention HRTFs, so I was wondering whether it is possible to load new HRTFs?

If not, has dearVR's default HRTF been carefully selected to be optimally balanced for all head and ear types?
At the moment the loading of new HRTFs is not possible but a feature which will support the upcoming SOFA format is on our roadmap.
However, we did choose our HRTFs very carefully to achieve the best possible generalisation across a wide range of ear, head and shoulder anatomy.

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Which setting gives the best positioning quality: Realtime ON or OFF?
The Realtime toggle is related to the early reflections of the audio signals according to the customisable wall distances. When “realtime” is activated, the dearVR engine updates those reflections in realtime when the position of the audio source is modified. This requires a bit more CPU but provides considerably better localisation quality.

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post

Over at the VI-Control forum, someone wrote:
its pretty good and gets close to creating the sound of Binaural miking in the way I want to use it in my DAW. but my only issue is probably due to the context I want to use it: When the plugin is on an audio signal it strips a lot of the sound out of it therefore making it of little use for me in creating 3D space for my song tracks to exist in since the sound gets pretty thin.
There is a bass boost button but that kind of thing is going to compromise the sound quality since it is all then going through the plugin and then getting reboosted which defeats the object. maybe I am asking too much of this.

Could you perhaps comment on this?
It’s true that dearVR applies spectral modification to the audio signal, but this is part of the binaural synthesis and makes 3D Sound possible. We added the bass boost to compensate this a little bit for low frequencies.
However, It is very important to keep in mind that the binaural output is listened to on headphones only and ambisonics output is listened to on the fitting ambisonics loudspeaker layout only. When you try to listen to a binaural signal through loudspeakers for example, the audio quality is compromised and purpose of dearVR is defeated, resulting in a thin sound indeed.

I hope I could provide some answers and I’ll be here for any more questions/suggestions.
You can also reach me at

all the best,
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