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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Another thing I have noticed with dearVR is that it seems to support only mono-source signals.
I had to "explode" (separate) a test stereo-file into two mono signals (left and right separately) an then to place an instance of dearVR to each of those new mono-files.

I expected it to react more like the DolbyHeadphone (dolbyhph.dll) in Foobar, which deals with stereo-files correctly and actually quite pleasant to my ears, thus simulating binaural environment.

I hope dearVR can do that at some point in the future with stereo-file sources. Maybe it supports it but I couldn't manage to do and use it.
Well, VR (I address virtual reality, not dearVR) is all about sound objects, which are mono. On the other hand, stereo is not an object-based format, it's channel-based, best listened to via loudspeakers. Which then again can be modeled as separat sound objects in a virtual environment. There's not really a standard way of putting 'stereo loudspeaker setups' into virtual environments. Also the concept of phantom sources which are produced by a stereo mix does not really make sense in VR, as in general you want to pan every source of your mix/environment to it's specific location within the room.
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