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Originally Posted by Dear Reality View Post
I just stumbled upon your thread and would love to hear what dearVR could improve in your opinion.
Hi Simon,

I am glad that a representative from Dear Reality has joined this forum!

DearVR's manual does not mention HRTFs, so I was wondering whether it is possible to load new HRTFs?

If not, has dearVR's default HRTF been carefully selected to be optimally balanced for all head and ear types?

Which setting gives the best positioning quality: Realtime ON or OFF?

Over at the VI-Control forum, someone wrote:
Originally Posted by mdkb
but my only issue is probably due to the context I want to use it: When the plugin is on an audio signal it strips a lot of the sound out of it therefore making it of little use for me in creating 3D space for my song tracks to exist in since the sound gets pretty thin.
There is a bass boost button but that kind of thing is going to compromise the sound quality since it is all then going through the plugin and then getting reboosted which defeats the object. maybe I am asking too much of this.
Could you perhaps comment on this?
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