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Ok, so tried with Push and my MCU and it's fantastic work, as has been mentioned the lag is a bit unusable at times, as good as applying quantize may fix live playing it's still a bit of a hurdle, particularly at faster tempos where even the quantize won't fix it. Would it be possible to send the MIDI Notes via a different method that doesn't involve going through the server method? I guess not as you're setting up scales etc. and filtering out unwanted MIDI data too. Hmmmm....

Also, if i don't have the Java app running REAPER crashes shortly after start too, which is a bit of a concern, i'm guessing this is easy to uninstall if i was to chose so by removing the reference to it in the action window?

One question i have, i see mention to previous software called Transformator - does this also suffer with the latency for live playing - anyone know? I can't see it anywhere to download to try myself.


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