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Hi, Dear Reality
Thank you for your post here.

Fisrt I would like to say that I really like the DearVR plugin. It does what it has to do with plenty of features and output formats (binaural, YouTube360, etc.).

I will try and reproduce the crash right now...

With the new Reaper 5.91 i couldn't make dearVR to crash Reaper. I tried everything I did before (switching on/off the Reflection toggle) when I managed to crash Reaper and now I couldn't succeed.

I have to say the plugin is stable with Reaper.

For the sake of the experiment, please find the link to a metal style composition (composed and performed by the band Feared with Ola Englund on guitars; stem and DI tracks courtesy of Ola Englund).

DearVR in action with Reaper - Binaural Output
~ you may need to download the file, top right button

On all instruments and sends: dearVR plugin + reaEQ + reaComp
nothing else. Limiter is with -0.3dbFS ceiling and Treshold of -1dBFS, almost nothing really.
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