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Originally Posted by RDan View Post
I don't think Reaper has to implement any of it. There are so many great tools out there from Companies, Institutes/Universities, and 3D Audio dudes, with a lot of knowledge of spatial audio. Reaper already is one of the most famous DAWs when it comes to 3D audio, as it supports up to 64 channels per bus. In contrast, Logic only supports up to 8 (afaik) which is not even second order Ambisonics (which needs 9).

However, one thing which would be nice is playback of 360 video, combined with VR headsets. Not sure if its already supported in Reaper?
Not sure about 360 video myself. Regarding the Ambisonic capabilities of REAPER, given that it is so well suited to that, I have suggested a few times setting up an Ambisonic sub section on this forum. I sent Justin an email about that a while ago but not sure if he got it. I didn't receive a reply but didn't push the matter.
I'd still love to see that happen though, particularly now that a number of Ambisonic developers (yourself included) have joined in the discussions here.

I've been doing some code hacking of some of the REAPER JS plugins that come stock with REAPER and converting them to 16 i/o versions for third order Ambisonics. I've only done a couple so far and they are parametric EQs.
Originally Posted by RDan View Post
No worries, take your time! By the way with the AllRADecoder you can now create your own Decoder very easily Looking forward to getting your feedback! And of course to listening to your new album
I'm really liking the AllRADecoder and have used it to create a decoder for my cube array in third order. It works well but the Blue Ripple 3rd order cube decoder still has an edge. I'm happy to send you some audio files decoded with both for you to analyse.
I really like what you've done with your encoders and other Ambisonic creation and manipulation tools in the latest update. The normalisation now works perfectly with the Blue Ripple decoders.

The visualiser caused a blue screen on my rig last time I ran it and I haven't tried it again since the updates though.

Originally Posted by Dear Reality View Post
Hey adXok and ReaDave,

I just stumbled upon your thread and would love to hear what dearVR could improve in your opinion.
adXok, Im sorry to hear that you had to return the plugin. Can you supply any specific trigger which caused the plugin to crash Reaper so we can reproduce the issue?
ReaDave, the delay in automation response is due to the elaborate processing and we are working on that.
Of course this also depends on the buffer size of your system. The smaller the buffer size, the more responsive it is.
Also, could you specify in detail what you mean by the spectral information issue?

Great to see you here too Simon!
Unfortunately, I can't be more specific about the spectral issues because my demo expired some time ago and I can't run it any longer. I demoed it pretty much as soon as it came out. I do remember liking some of what it did but I have already sunk more than $1K into Blue Ripple suites and have pretty much everything I need covered in that.
Also, with Daniel's IEM tools and particularly his room encoder, I haven't really looked into DearVR again at this stage. It is good to hear that you are working on the responsiveness though. I usually run my system at very low latencies given that it is a fast rig (i7 7700K) with a good interface (RME Fireface UFX).

Please keep us updated on any developments though. I'd certainly be open to having another look.
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