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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
I have a PA account and have many of their plugins but I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with Dear VR. I found it to be somewhat slow in responding to quicker automation and it tends to mess about with spectral information in a sloppy manner when doing its calculations.
I believe it has potential but not worth the money for me at this stage.
Hey adXok and ReaDave,

I just stumbled upon your thread and would love to hear what dearVR could improve in your opinion.
adXok, I’m sorry to hear that you had to return the plugin. Can you supply any specific trigger which caused the plugin to crash Reaper so we can reproduce the issue?
ReaDave, the delay in automation response is due to the elaborate processing and we are working on that.
Of course this also depends on the buffer size of your system. The smaller the buffer size, the more responsive it is.
Also, could you specify in detail what you mean by the spectral information issue?

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