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I released an update 2.10:

- New: If supported by the Java/OS platform the application is run as a tray icon.
Closing the app minimizes it to the tray. Double click the tray icon to show it again.
Right click on the tray icon to show the context menu with the options to show
the application or to exit it. If Auto-run is enabled, the app is automatically minimized
on startup.
- New: The console window is no longer shown on startup.
- New: 64 drum pad view for Ableton Push and Novation Launchpad Pro / MkII.
- New: Bank page is now automatically adjusted on controller if changed in Reaper.
- Fixed: Midi In-/Outputs were not correctly restarted when Configuration dialog was closed.
- Fixed: Push 2 preview display window was still drawn when hidden.
- Fixed: Push 2 preview display window produced OutOfMemoryExceptions after a while.
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