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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Thanks, this is huge for me, but I am also very interested in those types of mixings, especially decoded into Binaural.

Usually with mono sources like vocal mic signal, amp signals or both those processed through some stereo-output plugins (impulse response loaders, mic impulses, etc.).

Stereo mixes are so flat. I am speaking about listening on headphones.
Yeah. I agree regarding stereo over headphones. I've been using the Blue Ripple Binaural decoder for my Binaural releases (including the YouTube video I posted earlier) from 3rd order Ambi mixes.

I've downloaded the latest versions of the IEM plugins though and noticed they've added more Binaural models to their decoder so I'm pretty keen to check those out. I'll be heading into my studio shortly to install the updates and see what they've added and improved since the last version I used (1.1.0 I think from memory).
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