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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
I have to admit that for now I am quite lost in the terminology like Format-A, Format-B, first order 1o, second order 2o, UHJ stereo, HOA > High Order Ambisonic

It has to do with how the recordings were made and the special microphones to capture "spherical" information on the incoming sound,, direct plane, reflections (rear), polar (up-down), etc. it is huge!

I also am trying these little free open source gems:

Ambisonic VST Plugin suite for Reaper
Latest Version v1.3.1, 17th May 2018
quite recent update

Interesting stuff and very knowledgeable!
Glad you bought up these plugins. I've been testing the previous versions and have been in touch with Daniel Rudrich too. He replied to my first email extremely quickly and sent me the code for a first order cube array decoder. He mentioned they would be releasing a decoder designer soon and I see that is included in the last update so I should now be able to set up and test a third order cube decoder for my setup.
I must get back to Daniel. I have noticed a couple of serious problems with these plugins which I am sure would just be a debugging thing. Something about them disagrees with my system and I had one occasion where they caused a blue screen on my rig which is otherwise rock solid (i7 7700K @ 4.3GHz, 32GB RAM, Win 10 Pro, 3 x Samsung 850 500GB SSD).
I also noticed some serious level issues with these but I see they have changed all the normalization in the latest release so this may fix things.

I'll download the latest versions and get back in touch with Daniel again with my previous findings.
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