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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
this is insane. I thought the military were coming to get me in my house like bin Laden.
I love that type of mixing. It is so immersive and rich.

Here are some of the best introduction tutorials about "ATK for Reaper":

Trond Lossius - Encoding with ATK for Reaper
Cheers for the thumbs up on the mix adXok.
I had a lot of fun making it. The album has been a work in progress now for a year and a half and is my most ambitious project in 35 years.

I have all of those videos from Trond and have been in touch with him regarding some of the things in the ATK beta releases.
I'm not using the ATK at present mainly because I am now working in third order Ambisonics and the ATK is first order at present. I am considering contacting Trond again to see if he's interested (and has time) to work on third order AmbiX SN3D versions of the ATK. It would probably be quite a big undertaking but I'd be willing to help out wherever possible and hopefully learn a lot more about JSFX coding along the way.

My primary Ambisonic tools right now are from Blue Ripple Sound. I have their upmixers and decoders and also the free core plugins. The Blue Ripple plugins are by far the most effective, efficient and reliable Ambisonic tools I've used and I've tried pretty much everything I can run on Windows in REAPER.

There is one BIG thing I don't like about the Blue Ripple plugins though and that is the requirement to connect to their license server every few weeks to keep the licenses running. I've been in touch with Richard Furse (Blue Ripple plugin creator) about this issue but he seems very reluctant to change this. I've even mentioned to him that I'd prefer iLok to the current scheme and I have so far avoided iLok like the plague!

The Blue Ripple plugins are first class quality wise and the paid suites are quite expensive, especially given British pounds to Aussie dollar conversion.
The only reasons I am still using these plugins is because they are so good and also because I've invested well over AU$1K in them.

I REALLY hope enough people can convince Richard to do something that will allow us to keep using his plugins without the Internet dependency. It is a big sore point for me.
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